It is with great enthusiasm to announce that the DJ Kev Entertainment website has been born. Lots of sleeping hours and 120 cups of coffee were consumed by this effort.  Many nights my wife had to go to bed without her husband till the early hours of the morning.

Must also mention that Kevin and Jolene were working just as hard, supplying the text, photos and other info; helping with the design of the new logo; editing the text as an editor, and being very particular about features, layouts, fonts and other design aspects they like and disliked.

What can you expect from this website?

Responsive. In other words, it looks great on all devices.  So, you can be on the move and visit our site on your phone or tablet.

Events calendar, helping to find the perfect day when Jolene (admin) has an open slot for you. Don’t wait book your special event with us!

News / Blog. Stay tuned with Kevin and Jolene’s feedback on past and future events, as well as other news and guidelines.

Stay blessed.

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