DJ Kev’s

Tips for hiring a Professional DJ 

DJ Kev’s tips for hiring a Professional DJ

What to do if we are not available?

We might not always be available to sign up for your event. However, we have also partnered with a range of Professional Wedding DJs who specialise in making your wedding, the BEST wedding you will ever attend.

Should you not use any of our partnered DJ’s please ensure that you follow the guidelines below to ensure a flawless and memorable event.

  • Book your DJ way in advance and NOT the last minute most professional DJ’s are booked in advanced.

  • As the old adage goes you get what you pay for!

  • The DJ that you will be hiring for your event are both SAMRO and SAMPRA licenced to broadcast music publicly.

  • Always check client reviews and recommendations of previous events done by your DJ and ask for client references. Check their Facebook page, Instagram, websites and speak to previous clients that use the DJ before.

  • The DJ use reputable DJ equipment and brands for your event and has a backup system should something go wrong. Professional DJ’s only use professional audio systems, lights and effect machines.

  • When you meet with your DJ discuss all your requirements and needs before the event viz. music for the ceremony, pre-drinks, reception, programme, layout, timelines, vendors viz. Venue, Wedding coordinator, wedding officiate, photographer, videographer, eMCee and band/singers etc.

  • Your DJ has a contract for your event to cover both your interests.

  • Your DJ is aware of any cultural sensitivities during your event if applicable.

  • Check the cut off time at your venue most venues only allow DJ’s to perform up until 24h00.

  • Discuss all your music requirements with your DJ and that their playlist is radio edited versions most wedding is family based with kids.

  • Your DJ dress accordingly for your event and has sober habits the last thing you want is a DJ that drinks during the event and messes up your event and embarrassing you!

  • Your DJ can read a crowd and keep the guests engaged on the dance floor.

  • Always write a review and recommendations of the services that you received from the DJ as this will help future clients with their decision making.

  • Check if your DJ takes song requests and has a large selection of appropriate music for your event.

  • Discuss overtime performance hours after 24h00 with the venue management and the DJ before the event. Some DJ’s will require accommodation if the event goes into overtime past 24h00.

  • Make sure that your venue has a backup generator for load shedding or power interruptions.

  • When you are planning for catering include your vendors DJ, Photographers and Videographers, Band/singers and their assistants.

  • Most wedding have kids at the wedding all DJ’s love kids but their inquisitive minds and fingers wonder when they close to the DJ booth and see all the flickering lights, knobs etc. so we prefer kids in front of the DJ booth and not wondering behind the DJ booth.

  • Budget appropriately for your DJ, Photographer and Videographer and that they work together during the event. Professionals cost more since they have the experience and only use the best equipment and have backups available on site. Also remember the only memories you have after the event is the music, photos and video.

  • When you request a quote for your event make sure there are no hidden costs!

  • Make sure your eMCee is well groomed, organized and a confidant speaker and know what is expected of them viz. Welcoming guests, logistics e.g. Bar (Cash or non-cash bar, location of the toilets, cellphones during speeches, signing of the placement of canapes and mimosas etc., wedding register and wedding favours, wedding games, photobooths, order of events viz, speeches, announcements, blessings, dinner, dessert, dance and other special ceremonies, cake cutting, sparkler lighting, last dance, last round, constant liaison with wedding vendors etc.

  • Ensure that your Wedding officiate arrives at least 30 minutes before the ceremony start to do a sound check with the microphone and inform him or her of your programme and timelines.

  • Share your venue layout, programme, timelines of your planned event with all your vendors and service providers.

  • The DJ will need a dedicated set-up area, 2 x trestle table (weddings viz. ceremony and reception) and if possible two separate plug point for the lights and for the PA system. Also consider the needs of your other vendors e.g. Photographers, Videographers, Caterers etc.

  • Set-up the PA system across the dance floor thus ensuring guests can still engage with one another.

  • Indicate to your DJ if you have any guests with asthma and photo sensitivity this will assist with the type of LED effect lights and smoke/fog/haze machine for your event. Also make sure the venue allows for the use of smoke/fog or haze machines some venue don’t allow the same.

  • During the wedding reception make sure that all the formalities are done before the dance floor is opened you don’t want a situation where your guests starts dancing and then stop in between. We have seen and experienced it and it just dampens the mood as some guests are feeling jolly and wants to keep dancing to the awesome music.

  • Don’t place guests with hearing aids to close to the PA system.